“Show Me Your Glory”: A Conversation with Lauren Lee

November 28, 2018

We recently sat down with Lauren Lee, co-writer of and featured vocalist on “Show Me Your Glory,” to talk about this faith-inspiring worship song that was written at the 2017 CentricWorship retreat.

Hey Lauren, thanks for taking the time to talk with us today! Could you share with us how “Show Me Your Glory” was written?
Of course! Thanks for chatting with me! “Show Me Your Glory” was birthed out of a writing session in the mountains of Washington state. Chris Davenport, Zach Kale and I were in a scheduled write in this beautiful room with a grand piano, and the song just kinda fell into our laps. We were talking about the miracles Jesus performed in the past; and how He still does miracles even today. The idea that perhaps looking back on the miracles He [performed], would give you the assurance that He [is] still able to do the miraculous in your own life. 

You introduced the song to your church recently. How did you introduce it and how was the response from your congregation?
I’m always pretty sheepish when I introduce an original song to my church. Not sure why it makes me embarrassed, haha, but I’m working on that. I normally don’t even say that I wrote the song…I try to let the song speak for itself. I just spoke before we sang the song, saying that there were times in my own life when the impossible became possible through Jesus; and that this song is a beautiful reminder of His power. People really seemed to connect to the theme of the song; I think it’s incredibly relatable. We have ALL needed a miracle before. 

What is one of the most important things you take into consideration when introducing a new song like this to your congregation?
Whenever we decide to introduce a new song to our congregation, we always ask the following: 1) Is it singable? 2) Does this theologically align with our church? 3) Does this musically or stylistically align with our church? 4) Is this thematically something our congregation needs to be singing? There are songs I personally love that we will never introduce to our congregation, because it doesn’t fit OUR body. Doesn’t make it a bad song….just not the RIGHT song. Thankfully, “Show Me Your Glory” fit into all the categories. 

Do you have any practical tips on how to lead a song if you’re a female and there is only a male version available? And vice versa?
I’ve never really thought of songs as female led songs or male led songs. I think if you can approach the song with the correct attitude, whether gentle or bold, any song can be sung by anyone. Nothing is off limits! 🙂 As a female worship leader, A LOT of songs only have male versions available, so I normally print the original chord chart, sit at my piano, and change the key until I find a good spot for my particular range. 

In regards to song stewardship, is there a difference in how you lead songs you’ve written and songs you haven’t?
Like I mentioned earlier, I’m still sheepish when leading a song I wrote. It’s mostly out of insecurity. But I’m learning more and more that if God gave me a song, there’s a reason He wanted it written; and I should lead that song with as much passion and conviction as any other. 

Lastly, what do you hope people take away from the song?
Even when all seems lost and the impossible feels so far away, know that God is STILL doing the miraculous.

Thanks Lauren for taking the time to share with us today!

You can listen to the song and download the mp3 + chord chart here!