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by Patrick Mayberry [feat. Lauren Lee]

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More about this song:

Genuinely speaking, this is one of my favorite songs ever to come out of CentricWorship. When the song was first introduced at our songwriter’s retreat last May, it was one of the most powerful moments of worship the entire week. We all know that songwriting is never an exact formula, but we’ve witnessed beautiful things happen when diverse writers with open hearts sit in a room and begin to express how God has been teaching them in their unique seasons of life. In this case, it was Justin Amundrud from Local Sound (Nashville), Chris Davenport from Hillsong (NYC), Lauren Lee from Epikos Church (Milwaukee), & Patrick Mayberry from SoulCity Church (Chicago).

“Running” communicates the heart of the Father as our pursuer, and our response to run after Him because of His great love for us.

Patrick decided to record the song for his latest EP, Joy, and he asked Lauren Lee to be featured on the song. We’re so glad he did. Thanks to them, we’re giving you the chord chart + mp3 in hopes that the song will bless you as much as it has us, and on top of that, find a home in your local church.

Taylor Agan

Managing Editor