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Jesus Is Our King

by Cross Point Music

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Believe it or not, Christmas is less than 7 weeks away! Some of you may be in the midst of curating Christmas worship songs for your upcoming church services, so we’d like to introduce you to Cross Point Music’s latest release: “Jesus Is Our King,” written by Krissy Nordhoff, Mike Grayson, Cheryl Stark & Jarrod Morris!

Verse 1:
He is with us, with us
God, Emmanuel
He is near us, near us
Heaven come to dwell
Messiah, Messiah
Our promise here to save
He is with us
He is with us

Holy, holy
Hear the angels sing
Worthy is our King
Worthy, worthy
All creation sings
Jesus is our King

Glory, glory
Thank You, Jesus
For the day that everything changed
Glory, glory
Thank you, Jesus
Our thrill of hope remains
Glory, glory
Thank You, Jesus
Let the earth resound with praise

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