Free Song: “Forever Amen” from The Union Chattanooga

August 30, 2019

“Glory to Jesus for taking our place

Praise to the Father for mercy and grace

Oh, you sent us Your Spirit, ‘till we meet again

For Yours is the kingdom,  forever, amen.”

These words come from a community of Christian creatives (musicians, writers, and leaders) in Chattanooga, Tennessee, known as The Union Chattanooga; and were written by Drakeford Lanier, Matthew Macauley & Ben Shafer.

“”Forever Amen” is a song that started as a personal chronology of my faith,” says writer, Drakeford Lanier. “I planned for each verse to tell a different part of my faith journey, centered around a foundational chorus that declared the unchanging truth of the Trinity. However, the more I wrote, the more I realized that this foundational truth is true and unchanging throughout all of our faith journeys, so I decided to approach the verses differently. I invited a couple of friends to help me finish and make it a story about the followers of Christ, both before and after His crucifixion. Taking it a step further, we extended that story to the followers of Jesus today, reminding folks of their identity as descendants of Abraham and co-heirs with Christ! What started as a personal confession of faith has now become an anthem for all, recounting and proclaiming why we believe what we believe.”

With deep theological lyrics, along with a very memorable chorus, we’re confident this song will be one of your new favorite modern hymns!

The mp3 and chord charts for the studio version of the song (a CentricWorship exclusive) are available now for free on our Free Song page.