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by Taylor Agan

Christmas is over and worship leaders everywhere are hibernating. Like me, maybe you’re recovering from all the extra rehearsals, attention to detail and special events that mark this season for us.

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Hey Worship Leader, What Do You Think You’re Doing?

Yes, I mean to literally ask, “what do you THINK you’re doing?” because I think it might actually be different than you’ve intended. What you’re accomplishing might be bigger than you ever expected. I want to lift your eyes to the Kingdom potential in every opportunity you’re given because leading worship is a high calling to a low position. There are at least three important things you’re doing when you step up to lead God’s children in worship.

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In our culture, worship is in danger of being viewed as just a thing we do in a building on Sundays, rather than a daily earmark of the Christian life. It seems as if the act of worship has practically become synonymous with only music (i.e., “Worship sounded great today!”)…Worship is so much more than just corporate singing on a Sunday for 20 minutes. It’s vital that we give worship a careful examination in order to fully understand how God intends us to live.

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written by James Tealy

The number of new worship songs being released these days is staggering. As songwriters, we all long to write songs that are noticed, used, and enjoyed by a wider audience, but how can our songs stand out in such a crowded market? Here are 5 questions to ask about that new worship song you’re writing:

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(Based on The Song of Moses)

There are over 185 songs woven throughout Scripture that were written on particular occasions, for specific reasons. Some are simply a few lines and others are several pages in length (i.e., Psalm 119).

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