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Isn't He (This Jesus) [feat. Natalie Grant]

by The Belonging Co

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More about this song:

If you haven’t heard this song yet, you may want to stop what you’re doing and take a moment to listen…We’re grateful to The Belonging Co. for helping us give you this song + chord chart for free. We hope this song finds a home in your heart and in your church.

“This song is just 100% all about HIM – His name, His fame, His goodness, His faithfulness, His kindness…” – Natalie Grant

“How could anyone truly behold this Jesus we call friend and Savior, and not think, Isn’t He just amazing?” – Mia Fieldes

“It has been a lyric/melody I can sing to remind my soul that Jesus is the ultimate prize, & there’s no treasure on earth that is worth more than knowing & having relationship with Him. I’m believing that it is going to do the same for the Church, & give fresh language to worship Him for the amazing God He is, and most of all give an opportunity to encounter Him” – Andrew Holt

Let us know how this song blesses you this week!

Taylor Agan (Managing Editor)