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Wide Open

[feat. Clay Finnesand]

by North Point Insideout

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More about this song:

Hey CentricWorship Family!

I wrote this song in early December with my friend Brandon Coker. For a few months prior to that, I had been dealing with severe anxiety over a relationship. I was caught in indecision because I felt like no matter what I did, it was going to be “wrong” and that would somehow keep me from experiencing the love of God. But the Holy Spirit kept reminding me that when we trust him and walk in faith, even if the decision ends up not being perfect, God is always with us, and there is nothing that can separate us from his love, according to Romans 8. A dear friend of mine who was coming out of a long season of frustration mentioned to me that God had always seen her through to the other side of her fears, and that thought stuck with me as I was still grappling with indecision and anxiety. I tried to sit down and write the first version of Wide Open before I actually let go of that relationship I mentioned and trusted God with it, but could not write it for the life of me… I think because God’s faithfulness was still more of a concept to me than a lived experience. However, once I finally accepted his invitation to trust him and take a step forward, it turned out my fears were paper thin, and God was actually standing there waiting for me with an embrace! Go figure! He actually is a good father with love that outruns our troubles and his presence reaches further than our darkness. Brandon and I ended up writing the song in 45 minutes or so, and it was an incredibly sweet and worshipful moment for us.

I think we knew right away that it was special because it marked a significant and real outworking of faith. Some songs come from cool ideas and phrases and concepts, and others come from faith and living in the goodness of God. Both are good, but this was the latter and we felt it. When we played it live for the first time at myLIFE18 though, I think we were all caught off guard a bit by how quickly it became a song of the heart with our students.

My hope for this song is that everyone who hears it would experience the transformative peace of God, realizing his love for them is bigger than they thought, and then out of that they can live lives of greater faith. I hope people would finally trust that God is patient and kind, and that they can trade indecision and fear for rest in God’s presence. I hope they experience God’s love and it gives people the courage to move forward into the abundant life of Christ through whatever decisions come their way.

Clay Finnesand (North Point Insideout)

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