What is CentricWorship, anyway? Read ahead to learn more about our philosophy, who we are, and how to get in touch with us.

CentricWorship exists to provide worship leaders, worship writers & worshipers with songs centered on Him who is the center of it all.

CentricWorship was launched in March 2014 as a division of Centricity Publishing in Franklin, TN. The vision began with a question: what would happen if we invited a few worship leaders to a week-long retreat of songwriting in the Cascade Mountains? The result: 18 new songs written in 4 days with 8 of them being recorded and released on ‘ALL THE SAINTS: Live from the CentricWorship Retreat.’

Not long after, we did it again- this time, in the hill country of Eastern Tennessee. With the same pursuit of songs for the Church, another 20 songs were written in just a few days, leading to our 2nd EP release: ‘COME ALIVE: Live from the CentricWorship Retreat.’

In a music industry where the word worship has been morphed into a genre, we learned something different from these early retreats. When songs are written out of need rather than the purpose of meeting deadlines, quotas, or radio placement; God moves. When hearts, pens & affections are set on the goal of glorifying a mighty Savior; God moves. Since God’s mercies are new each morning, we will never run out of songs to write.

Our retreats continue to be a source of new songs sung in churches and heard on radio stations, which is an overflow of our first priority of exalting a worthy Savior. With new songs of worship, our hope is not only to resource the local church, but to create a soundtrack for believers beyond church walls.